Monday, July 29, 2013

Lesson Planner Linky

One of my first linky parties is parties is perfect because this summer I've decided to revamp all my lessons and planners this summer.  Since I teach both computers and library to 5 different grades it is hard to keep organized.  Below are the files I have already revamped.  The following are still left to work on: class list, seating chart for library and computer lab, student observation checklist, and curriculum overview.

Here are my lesson plans which I hand in every two weeks.  It is modeled after the Busy Librarian's layout.
I plan months ahead of time because I teach through project based learning. With schedule changes, meetings, and coverage, I do not see every class each week, Each week I plan to complete the chart below so I can keep track of which class is where is in the project.

The last new page I've completed so far is also a double page for long-term planning.  I've read about this Frixion Erasable Pens and this page will definitely need them.