Sunday, June 22, 2014

Summer Reading- Reading Bingo

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I am a true believer that students should choose what they want to read, they will enjoy reading more.  For summer reading students choose a goal of how many books they will read over the summer and then they read books of their choosing.  In years past I've provided a list of books at each grade level for students to reference but this year I wanted to do something different.

In the library I'm always encouring students to choose a variety of books.  We color code in the library in second grade and at the circulation counter I ask students if they are interested in changing their books to have a variety of a books.  So this summer I created "RINGO" or Reading Bingo.  This will help students select and read a variety of books.  They record the information on the RINGO sheet and also keep track of it on their Reading Log.

Download our entire summer reading packet here.  


  1. I love your blog, I came over from Manic Monday!

    1. Thanks for visiting. I teach throughout the summer so stick around.

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