Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Students in second grade study dinosaurs in their classroom.  Each student chooses one dinosaur to research and create a diorama.  This is one of my favorite projects because I love looking at all the dioramas and hearing the students pass me in the hall or find me in the library and tell me a fact about the dinosaur they researched.

Here are some of this year's dioramas:

With school running so late this year the students are just done.  I wanted to keep some sort of routine the last two weeks so I decided to incorporate this project into their learning during Media Time.  Using the app Chatterpix, the students created a talking dinosaur full of facts about the dinosaur they had researched. ChatterPix is free in the App Store.  

1. Students used Google Image to find a image and save it to the camera roll
2. Open ChatterPix
3. Select Take A Picture and choose the image from your camera roll on the bottom left
4. Move the image around and zoom in and out until the image is where you want it placed
5. Touch Next
6. Draw the mouth, the part of the image that will open and close when talking, by dragging your finger and creating a line (You can do this as many times as you want)
7. Touch the microphone- It will countdown from 3
8. Speak about your topic for up to 30 seconds
9. Touch Next
10. Add filters, stamps, borders, and/or text to your video
11. Add your image to the gallery by touching next, and/or download it to your Camera Roll using the bottom right button

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