Friday, December 13, 2013

Thank You Doug Johnson at The Blue Skunk Blog

Doug started his post today with the following I infrographic:

He continued to promote librarians as tech leaders. This is what I do everyday, or hope to do everyday.  

Doug asks why every librarian is not a tech leader and I don't have an answer. I am thankful that my School Library Media Specialist graduate program was really an Educational Technology program with library classes intertwined.  I chose my program for this reason. There were other options out there though that did not offer as many tech classes. My feeling is that they either haven't recognized the change that came OR more likely, they haven't taken the time to revamp their programs. 

The BIG problem is, administration programs do not include training on how to handle libraries and librarians. I am not sure how much technology is included in administrative and supervisor courses. Doug writes "On seeing a new box that plugs in, rather than asking “How fast is the processor?” or “How big is the hard drive?”, a librarian tends to ask “What is it good for?” Good librarians are neither technophiles nor technophobes. The librarian considers and teaches not just how to use technology, but why and under what circumstances it should be used."  As an teacher/SLMS I find principals, superintendents, and CFOs, view the technology requirements, the cost, and immediate needs unlike the librarian. They look to the IT department first and the librarian second or third if at all. 

So what do we do?

We change the training. We revamp the courses for librarians, principals, superintendents and other administrators. We hire technology coaches or technology instructors to assist the librarians. The future is here! We all need to be a part of it, not just 72% of us.