Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Must Read Monday- Earthquake Terror by Peggy Kehret

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I am extremely excited to find Must-Read Monday hosted by Teaching Madness. Finding new book recommendations by other teachers is always great and now finding them each week is so exciting.

One of my students' Battle of the Books this year is Earthquake Terror by Peggy Kehret. To learn more about Battle of the Books you can read my post here: http://technicallylibrarian.blogspot.com/2014/02/battle-of-books.html.

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This book is great for a read-aloud, reading groups, or an whole class read.  Students with all kinds of interest will find something that appeals to them in this Realistic Fiction Adventure book. 

The story is about a family,  Jonathan, his parents, his disabled sister Abby, and their dog Moose, who go camping on Magpie Island.  Jonathan's mother fell broke her ankle so his parents left him charge of Abby and Moose while they go to the hospital. Unfortunately for Jonathan, the ground starts to rumble and he, Abby, and Moose find themselves in the middle of a natural disaster, an earthquake.  Jonathan must save Abby and Moose form the damaged island and pouring rain and find their parents. 

It is a great book for teaching many different elements of reading: setting, character, mood, cause and effect, problem and solution, inferring... I can go on and on.   The students are truly enjoying this book as did I.  It has promoted sustained reading as this is a long complex book.  

If you google "Earthquake Terror lesson plans" there is a plethora of resources out there to assist in teaching with this book.   One I found to be very detailed is by Peanut Butter Published on readbymyside.com: http://www.readsidebyside.com/media/earthquake.pdf

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