Wednesday, February 12, 2014


A few years ago I had second graders write Valentines from inanimate object to inanimate object.  It was a huge hit.  The last few years I did not do this project and I missed it immensely so I brought it back!

Students walk into this picture on the SMART Board.

Then, I read aloud, Roses are Pink, Your Feet Really Stink by Diane de Groat.  We discussed how Valentines Day was all about telling people how much you like them.  It did not have to be lovey dovey but it was about kind words.

I find that books by Diane de Groat are great on many levels.  The students are always interested in the story.  The characters are relatable, the images are large and interesting, and the while the story gives a lesson it is not so blunt that the students are bored; each lesson is carefully worked into the story so the students are well aware they are learning something but still get to laugh enjoy the story. She is always funny!

(Her books about Gilbert remind a bit of the Little Critter series by Mercer Mayer.  When I was little I loved these books.  I knew they were teaching me a lesson but I didn't care. Diane de Groat's Gilbert series seems a bit more interesting, but it is 2014.)

Students then helped me write a valentine.  I told them I was going to be a foot writing to a sock and I really wanted to tell the sock how much I needed it.  I always start them with... Dear Sock, I wanted to tell you how much I love you on this Valentine's Day.
One class came out like this:
Dear Sock, 
I wanted to tell you how much I love you on this Valentine's Day.
You are really comfortable on me and prevent me from getting blisters.
When you are one me I feel warm on cold floors.
When I kick a ball, you help the shoe stay on me.

Then we brainstormed things that go together.  (Yes that last one says "Mom and Candy Crush")

Students then worked on their own to write their own valentines to and from inanimate objects (mostly). Their template is below.

Then we learned from Microsoft Word skills, typed them up and added a picture.  Here are some examples. 
The student below has been in our school about 3 months.  She came in knowing little to no English.  I wrote her rough draft after she verbally told me what to say and she typed it all on her own.  Such progress!

This one is so creative for a second grader. I love it!

I was really happy to see one of the boys venture out into their own world instead of using one of our brainstorm ideas.

Of course, I had to include the Candy Crush one. :p The last reason is GREAT!

Students printed and brought these home this week.  Years ago I made a game out of it.  They didn't sign the letters and instead the class guessed who the letters were from.  Since I only see my classes once a week, it takes 3 weeks to complete this and I learned it is way to hard for second graders to keep a secret for 3 weeks so this year they signed them. 


  1. I absolutely love this idea!! Thank you so much for sharing...I will have to share this with my teachers, I bet they will love it too. Thank you again!

    1. Yes! Please share! This project is tons of fun. They students struggle a little in the beginning thinking about inanimate objects but that is just the age and once they get it, it is great.