Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Almost Summer Book Reccomendation

My school may be one of the last to get out.  June 26th! Yep, there are still 4 days and 3 half days of still left but who is counting?  Thanks to 10+ mom volunteers this morning my library looks amazing and is ready for next school year already. NO ONE can touch the shelves... just kidding...kind of.

While scrolling through Instagram I came across Ramona Recommends' IG page and she had this great idea for Linky party. Since school is still in session, I'm not traveling, but I am on the hunt for a good book to read to get the students excited for summer and of course, summer reading.  I decided to hit up my library and find something new, something we did not have in our school library and I found "Beach" by Elisha Cooper.  This will be on my purchase list for next year. It is also a great book for Mrs. Jump's We Love Books linky.

The beautiful watercolors in this book help tell a great story of a day at the beach.  Anyone who has spent time at the beach can easily relate to this book.  A reader who hasn't spent time at this beach can quickly get the feeling of being there with the clouds, waves, and sand; its like you can almost feel the breeze in your face.  Throughout the book you read and see events that occur throughout the day such as sandcastle building or playing in the waves.  The book ends with the day ending and everyone having to go home.

I cannot wait to start reading it to the students and share beach stories. Our summer reading theme is summer is Rock, Roll, and Read.  Hopefully this will help get them excited.


  1. Hello!
    Thanks for linking up! I need this book! On to the wishlist it goes! :) Are you in year round school? I do not get out until Wednesday. Have a great Sunday!

  2. Thanks for hosting.

    We get out Thursday. Over the summer I teach computers related subjects at a creative arts camp. It's fun!