Monday, September 10, 2012

Welcome, the first week in the library

It is September and I am happy to be back.  My first lessons with the students are the ones I hate the most.  These lessons are going over the rules and reminding students of the routines.  It is hard to keep the students interested yet the information is important.

Last year I showed a video:

This year:

Fourth graders used the iPads to scan QR codes and write down rules and routines.  I used Kaywa to create the codes and hung them all around the library.  Students kept track on a chart to make sure they scanned each code. The students had so much fun and we were able to learn about new technology.  The following week students brought QR codes from all over the place.  One student took a ketchup bottle fro a restaurant to show the code.  I cannot wait to use QR codes again.

Third graders brainstormed the rules and routines with me.  They were then assigned a rule and created posters to hang around the library and computer lab.  Students were excited that their posters were going to be the poster rules this year.

Second graders I read "Stella Louella's Runaway Book" by Lisa Campbell Ernst. This is not a book I've read before but the students LOVED it. Classes were able to identify the stress and sadness that Stella the main character felt when she couldn't find her book.  Every students came up with a spot in their house to put their library books.
We read it over two sessions because we also color coded our library with the different sections as an introduction to the year.

The first graders came in and I read "Its A Book" by Jane Smith.  This is the first year they are having library and computers together so the book is extremely appropriate.  After, they completed a worksheet game called "No, No, Never, Never and Yes". You can download it here. Every students came up with a spot in their house to put their library books that was not near food, younger siblings, or going to get mixed in with their own books. 

To the Kindergarteners I read the story "Animals Should Definitely Not Wear Clothing" by Judi Barrett.  After I showed the PowerPoint below about animals not borrowing books. Download the PowerPoint here

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