Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Evaluating Websites- fourth grade

The fourth grade students are in the middle of a big research project.  They are going to be allowed to use websites to fill finish finding facts but first they must learn how to evaluate websites.

The first thing I did was go over the ABC's of Website Evaluation. I cannot recall where I orginally saw this but I would like to give credit where credit is due:

Students and I evaluating a website together so they can learn some of the new vocabulary such as "bias" and "coverage".

Then I let them go on their own assigning each group one of the following websites below. Take a look, they are great:

1.  http://www.peepresearch.org/surgery.html
2. http://home.inreach.com/kumbach/velcro.html
3.  http://www.weathergraphics.com/tim/fisher/
4.  http://zapatopi.net/treeoctopus/
5.  http://www.geoffmetcalf.com/bread.html
6.  http://www.buydehydratedwater.com/ 

Students present their findings to the class in the end.

I have since found a few more haox sites 
- http://www.improb.com/airchives/classical/cat/cat.html- (to advanced for my 4th graders I think)
http://zapatopi.net/afdb/ -(love it! because it has links, a how to, and more)
http://www.brookview.karoo.net/Stick_Insects/Care/care.html- (this too has pictures and links. Great!)
- http://www.thedogisland.com/photos.html- (You just want to believe it is true as a dog lover) 

And All About Explorers is full of lessons on how to evaluate sites, compare websites to book, and much more. Be sure to check out the teachers' page first.  http://allaboutexplorers.com/

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