Monday, June 10, 2013


Recently I was introduced to Stixy (, and online collaboration tool.  You need to sign up for a free account but your users, your students do not.  If your district worries about privacy, you can password protect your Stixyboard.

When setting up a board you can add a note, a photo, a document, or To-Do as a prompt.  Students will use the link you provide them to respond.  Students can respond with a note, photo, document, or To-Do just as you set your prompts.  Each student can respond to you and/or other students.  Responses are posted in real time so a simple refresh of the browser shows you and your users what is currently being posted to your board.

Stixy is a website so nothing has to be downloaded.  It can be accessed in school, as a center, or assigned as a homework assignment. 

My example is set-up to have the students respond to a fractured fairy tale.

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