Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Voice QR

If you know me you know I love QR codes.  Recently I learned about Voice QR thanks to David Lee Edtech:  I follow him on Instagram and love to see what is going on in his classroom.

QR Voice,,  allows you to type 100 characters and it will create a QR code that links to a voice speaking your text.

This tool is simple to use. Type your words in the box that says "say what?" and click the QR button at the end.  You can even choose a different language.

Once the QR code appears use the slider to select a size and click it.  A single click opens the QR code in stand alone window so it can be printed without any border or distractions.  Go back and create another one.

Try the QR Code below to hear, "If you Michel Rex's Fangbone books, try the Dragonbreath series by Ursula Vernon".  (Since Michael Rex came to our school last year and put on a spectacular author visit, the students adore his books and it is easy to use his books to make a connection with other books.  Check out Michael Rex:

There are so many ways this can be used in the classroom.  It will be great for ELL and ESL learners. PreK, Kindergarten, and Special Education students will greatly benefit.

Classroom uses:
1.  Make up spelling test
2. Talking posters
3. Talking worksheet directions
4. Talking homework
5. Interactive museum
6. Book recommendations
7. Write the room
8. SO many more options...

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