Tuesday, April 1, 2014


If you are teaching in a state that has adopted Common Core, this site, Graphite, is going to be a great resource: http://www.graphite.org/standards/common-core

Graphite finds apps and websites that align with the Common Core Standards.  It is extremely simple to use.

This site is great because:

  1. You search by Common Core Standard.
  2. Apps and websites are reviewed by their specialists and by teachers

The homepage looks like this:

Select Mathematics or Language Arts, then the grade, and the Common Core subject. Below is a sample of fourth grade writing.

Each standard has a number of apps or websites connected to it.  A column on the right shows you how many products are available for each standard.  You can view them in the same window, the tools will be shown below the standard, or open them in a new window.

Each app or website offers a quick description, price, Learning Rating, and some offer a Teacher Rating.  Click on the title and you will receive more detailed information.  The detailed information provides the others standards this tool can be used for, as its pros and cons, and its levels of engagement, pedagogy, and support.

Teachers are struggling with implementing both technology and Common Core and this is such a great tool for infusing them together.
Graphite has compiled what they think are the best Math and ELA tools. Click the links to view: ELA and Math

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