Friday, May 2, 2014


For the past few weeks I have been creating poems on the computer and iPads with my first grade students.  First we made cute name and picture poems (bottom) but then we made fun sensory poems using two apps.  This was my first attempt at appsmashing with the students so I stuck with two apps.

First students had to choose something to write their sensory poems about.  Then they wrote it out on paper. (If my first graders were more experienced on the ipads, this part too could have done in an app like Poplet, or even Plain Text.)

1. Doodle Buddy:
This app is simple to use and the students always have fun with it.  For this project students drew the object they were describing in their sensory poems.

2. Tellagmi:
I am absolutely loving this app.  I wrote a bit about it here, Tellagmi post, and now that I have had multiple classes and grades explore this app I enjoy it even more.  The first grade students built their avatar selves and then added their Doodle Buddy picture as the background.  Students then recorded their poems.  *I now know students could have just drawn right in Tellagmi and we could have skipped the Doodle Buddy step*.

Here are some examples:

Name/Picture Poem:

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