Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Summer is flying by. I know I planned on posting a couple of weeks ago and a couple of weeks before that but of course it never happened.

This summer I worked at a creative arts camp. Camp was 6 weeks long and full of creativity.  Some students were there for all 6 weeks, some for a week or 2, or 5.  There were 4 periods a day and each student chose their classes by week.  Since I normally work with elementary age students this camp, for middle school students only, was a pleasant change. (I am excited to get back to the little ones though.)

Period 1: Comic Book Creation (I'll post about this soon)
Period 2: Digital Art
Period 3: Lights, Camera, Action
Period 4: NOTHING- I worked part-time! (I'll post about this soon)

Digital Art was an amazing class! The main focus was Photoshop and photography.  The students/campers loved it.

We looked at Pop Art:



And just had some fun:

At week 3 and week 6 we hold art galleries.  Families come and see the work all the students' created. 

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