Thursday, October 16, 2014

Chirp IT

This week I've been unboxing, charging, sorting, and connecting Chromebooks for the middle school to start their 1:1 program next week.  While I cannot wait to blog about that, it means that many of their iPads will be redistributed down to the elementary school and that is MUCH more exciting!

A great new website to use with the little is

Using sound, Chirp, "sings" information from one device to another.  No more scanning having kids type in URLs, bookmarking, or creating QR codes. A two second sound now shares what you need to all the students' devices.

Share webpages, photos, contacts, all with a sound from the teacher's device.  It's so simple I thought "No way will this work".  But, it does!

If you are not sending the students to a webpage but sharing photos with them, it does NOT require a network connection. This makes it even better than QR codes.

Link to itunes store here

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