Thursday, November 6, 2014

Chromville and Write About This

(Posted a day late)
Tomorrow is day one of a New Jersey Education Association's Annual Teacher Convetion. It's amazing. It also means NJ schools have had a 3 day week. Like many schools my school also held conferences on these days giving students 1/2 days. This turned my 45 minute classes into 30 minute classes. What to do, what to do...

We are lucky to have be getting a more iPads for the school. It puts us at a number that allows each grade level to have about 10. So I decided to spend my short time showing students new apps. 

Chromville- free
This us an augmented reality app. It has different lands whith different characters and chapters that tell a begin to tell a story. 
First you print the pages and the students color them. After the open the Chromville app, choose the world, and aim the iPad at the page they colored. The iPad then brings their coloring page to life/shows a 3D animation of their coloring page. 
Students can move the iPad around to see different angles, hear music, and take screen shots of what they are looking at.
This app was a huge hit!
Students took 2-3 pictures of their favorite angles and opened the next app.

Write About This- free and $3.99
This app provides a variety of different ways to get students writing.
Students can create writing portfolios with a picture of themselves or any image to represent them.
There are different categories for students to find a prompt and write about.  Each prompt has a image and matching prompt.  Students can choose a subject and a prompt, search for one, or get a prompt at random.  Teachers can create their own prompts.  Quick Write allows students to add their own image using the camera or from the camera roll and write about anything.
Writings can be saved to the camera roll for emailing and printing.
The free versions gives a preview of each section.

During my short period students used one of their 2-3 pictures from Chromville and wrote a quick story about the character.  Here is an example.

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