Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Word Mover and Spine Poems- first grade

A couple of my classes finished their poetry projects before the others due to schedule changes.  Instead of moving ahead, I decided to continue with poetry.

First the students used Word Move on the iPads to create poems.  We talked about how their poems should make the reader feel something, anything.  It could make us laugh, for feel sad, or silly.  At first grade most of them went with silly.

Word Mover is a free app that allows the user to create poems.  Users can create accounts within the app which is great if more than one person is going to use Word Mover.  The app gives you a word bank to drag words from or select a blank one and write your own words.  Words can be moved around, enlarged, and rotated, and colored. The app also allows you  add a background as you can see in my students examples below.

After they walked through the Easy Fiction section and selected books to make spine poems.  This was much harder but what turned out to be a fun challenge.  I debated on pre-selecting books for the students to choose from and I'm not happy or sad that I did not.  The spine poems turned out pretty good considering they had already made a poem on WordMover so they had limited time a vast selection of books.

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