Wednesday, August 7, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday

There are few things I am excited for but the overall is that it is August, it is not 90+ degrees anymore, and there are just under 4 weeks of summer.

1. First I'm excited that after 3 years of grad school along with switching from the Computer Teacher to the Media Specialist, I have graduated and gotten much more comfortable in the library.  This finally allows me time for pleasure reading. Right now I am halfway through "Were'd You Go Berdenette" by Maria Semple and it's a joyful read.  I just cannot wait to find out what happens to the main character Bernedetter. My "to-read" list which has been accumulating for 3 long graduate studies years is huge but it makes my giddy. 

2. This is my last week of camp.  While, having time off makes my happy it is also Art Show week which means my kids display to their parents what they have been working on.  Along with the sewing teacher, art teacher, and scrapbooking teacher, we fill an art gallery and the students get to show off work they made in each class over 3 weeks.  It makes me really proud. Below are pictures from the Art Show 3 weeks ago, and I'm looking to this weeks as it also marks the end of camp.

3. My last Wednesday love connects with the first.  With more time for myself I am able to get more professional reading done and that includes blogs.  A few months ago I started follow more classroom teacher blogs and boy are there crafty teachers out there.  While I will never be crafty, I am in love with the ideas that I am able to attain.  Before school starts I will have this blog completely redesigned (I've started the header, but already hate the orange color). Also I have started creating a new planner as you can see in an earlier post. There is much more to come and I am thankful as I am sure much of it will make my life easier.  

Two things I ALWAYS love, my pups:

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