Monday, September 16, 2013

First Week

A BIG "Welcome Back" to the students.

Each year I hold off my major rules and procedures until week 2.  The students' classroom teacher and each specials teacher is inundating them with their own rules and procedures so I wait a week and go over my rules once they have settles in a little.  I understand one should set the expectations up front, but I do fun activities with my students the first day.

Kindergarten: I read "Read It, Don't Eat It" by Ian Schoenherr.

Many Kindergartners cannot sit for very long on the carpet and this is a quick fun read. We start with "Give Me Five" from Teachers Pay Teachers user D Conway in which I call 5 Finger Sitting. I focus on 5 Finger Sitting with my Kindergartners so I can refer to it as they progress through the grades.  We count off as they adjust themselves to be in proper position.
After the color a picture to hang on their  fridge so they can remember what day to bring their books back.

First Grade: I read "Never Let A Ghost Borrow Your Library Book" by Karan Casale

The students laugh although some of it is over their head. They complete one of the activities you can find in my packet found on Teachers Pay Teachers.  The students also go home with a bookmark.

Second Grade I will write about next week as they are still doing their activity.

Third and Fourth Graders are telling me the rules using QR codes.  You can read about it in an earlier post, here.  They are having a lot of fun!

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