Monday, October 21, 2013

School Violence Awareness Week in NJ

It is School Violence Awareness Week in New Jersey this week.  My elementary school is focusing on Peacemakers instead of school violence which is perfectly age appropriate.  The students and staff are dressing up all week long to show unity. 

Today, Monday, we are wearing team jerseys to "Team Up Against Bullying" (I am wearing Ravens)
Tuesday, is blue for "True Blue Tuesday"
Wednesday is "Peacemaker Pink Day"
Thursday, Be a Peacemaker – Wear white today
And Friday, I’m a “jean-ious.” I stand up for a friend against 
bullying. Everyone will wear jeans.

During the week each classroom votes on a peacemaker; a student in their classroom they feel has the personality and qualities of a peacemaker and they make these great outlines of these the child to hang in the hall (photo to follow)

In the Media Center, I'm almost always mid-project and do not become a part of these themed week except to dress up.  But this year, I am not mid project with THREE grades! I was so excited I must have started to plan about 4 or 5 lessons but ended loving one and plan to do it with Kindergarten, First, and Second Graders. 

First we will read parts of People by Peter Spier. After the students will compare and contrast their me and their teacher.  They will start with what they see and already know about us and then we will share some of our favorite foods, colors, and sports. We will focus on things that make us different and point out that we still get along and teach together nicely every week.

Students will then pair up and compare themselves to their partners. After I will use some of All Things Apple in 2nd's inference pictures.  The students will color in the character to look like them and then draw 3-4 things around it that make them special.

My example is digital but the students are going to do draw theirs with crayons and color pencils.

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