Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Wendy Pfeffer is Coming!

Every year my school organizes a Family Reading Night. An author comes and speaks to families that come come back at night. Volunteer teachers welcome them back with a variety if activities to accompany the author's presentation. 

Each family is out in one of two groups. The first group meets the author and sees their presentations while the second group does our other activities. The art teacher plans an activity, the music teacher sings and tells stories, and families read books together in the library. After 45 minutes, the two groups switch.

Families can order books to be signed and the even is always a big hit!

This year, with the big push towards non-fiction books I looked for a local non-fiction and came across Wendy Pfeffer. Wendy writes books such "the Longest Day","The Shortest Dat", "From Seed to Pumpkin", "Sounds All Around", and many more. Here is some more information about here:

I am very excited for Wendy Pfeffer and started a display to get the students excited too. 

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