Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Better late than never I always say!

In September I was part of the SLANT Box for the first time.  It was a great experience to get to know two different teachers while having an excuse to shop for someone else ;)

My partner that sent me a box was The Caffeinated Teacher, Raye.  She is an ESL teacher in Michigan who sent me a great box of goodies.  Unlucky for Raye, the first box she sent me got damaged in the mail. Thank you USPS.  But she is so sweet and quickly prepared a second box and shipped it so fast.  As a school librarian who ships weeded books regularly to those in need I actually understood, I have gotten those notices from USPS a few times.

My SLANT box:
The theme for the month was things you forget and I always forget little office supplies or do not order enough so this was the perfect box.  The binder clips have already been put to use and there are jelly beans in in the container under the flower that I have broken into. As an elementary school teacher, I always love soap so that was such a nice touch.

Thank you! Take a look at The Caffeinated Teacher, she's awesome.

I did not get involved in SLANT box for October but I hope to remember to get involved for November


  1. I'm so glad you enjoyed your box :)

    I still haven't received mine :(

  2. I love it. Thank you. Everything is already open and in use.

    I cannot believe you have not received yours yet BIG :(